What is Peace Camp?

Peace Camp is an annual outdoor all-ages retreat in the woods. It is 100% run by campers and organized by the Zen Buddhist Temple located in Ann Arbor Michigan. This Zen Buddhist retreat fosters a sense of peace, happiness, and nature awareness among campers of all ages. Campers work together in community and experience the Buddha’s teachings in a beautiful, outdoor setting in Howell, Michigan.

Is it a vacation? Hmm. No, Peace Camp is a super-fun, meaningful, character-building retreat. Campers are expected to participate in all age-appropriate camp programming. Programming spans the entire retreat and includes times when campers are all together as a Sangha, split out into age groups for age-appropriate activities, and alone time for individuals and/or families. Each day includes a quiet time where all campers take a rest, and an unstructured block of time for campers to do what they wish.

Campers make and break camp together; prepare, eat and clean up together; sing, dance, swim, laugh, meditate and reflect together.

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