Beginning Anew Ceremony

One of the special traditions that we have at Peace Camp is the Beginning Anew Ceremony. This ceremony is about taking the time and space to fully express our hearts to our family. Life is unpredictable and typically families get too busy with regular daily life to say what really matters.

So once a year we hold space for that practice.

As part of this tradition we gift handmade bracelets to each other. The bracelets are meant to be worn until they fall off naturally, usually fairly close to the next year’s ceremony. This tradition goes back over 6,000 years with a special holiday in India, called Raksha Bandhan, that celebrates the special bond between siblings.

At our Art Tent we will provide embroidery floss in various colors for you and your family to use to make bracelets for each other. Or you are welcome to make your bracelets ahead of time at home before camp even begins. There are many tutorials online for how to tie “friendship bracelets” or you can do a simple braid. Each member of your family will want to make one bracelet for every other member of the family. During the ceremony we will tie these bracelets on.

The bracelet serves as a promise that you will do your best to take care of your loved one. As long as they wear it, it will remind them of you and your promise.

You may also consider writing a special note or letter to each member of your family to share with them. Feel free to get creative but remember the most important thing is to speak from your heart.

If you are attending Peace Camp without members of your family you can still participate in the Beginning Anew Ceremony. Take this time and space to think of your loved ones and thank them for all that they mean to you. A moment of loving kindness is never wasted.

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