What makes a great Peace Camp snack?

Snack donations are meant to be served to campers en masse: think finger food, nutritionally valuable, no need for refrigeration, and able to be served in bowls or on trays easily without the need for plates, silverware or much ado.

The distance between lunch and dinner can be great in hot weather and with lots of activity. Additionally, the actual timing between lunch and dinner can be significant for some stomachs. So, pick healthy foods over sugary snacks that are more likely to bridge kids and all campers from an early lunch through an action-packed afternoon to dinner. The Peace Camp kitchen will provide fresh fruit at select snack times in addition to prepared foods provided by campers. When making your own (something peace campers love to eat and often love to do) consider skipping muffin liners for homemade muffins and limit single serve prepackaged foods as they generate a great deal of packaging waste.

Allergens: Peace Camp attempts to support campers with food sensitivities in a variety of ways. Help us make food offerings easy for all campers reducing the opportunity for a medical event or food waste. You can do this by clearly labeling allergens in homemade foods. Keep prepackaged food in original containers so that ingredient labels are available. Nuts, dairy, egg, wheat and soy are the top vegetarian food allergens. We would like to have a smattering of snack options that work for these campers also – whether sans all those or any combination of them.

Examples from snacks (some with and without common allergens) that work great at Peace Camp include:

  • breakfast/protein/granola bars
  • chunky granola
  • popcorn, corn/tortilla chips, sweet potato/potato chips, kale chips, pretzels
  • dried fruit/nuts, fruit chips
  • select cookies: cookies that are lower in sugar, packed with ingredients like heart-healthy nuts (some without) and fiber rich oats
  • quick breads and muffins: again, lower in sugar than cakes such as  banana/zucchini bread, corn bread, fruit muffins, scones, etc.

Do you already know what you are bringing to Peace Camp for snack?

Let us know too.  Please message your family name and the snack. If you will not be at Peace Camp on the first day, also let us know your first camp day for planning purposes.