Under the Bodhi Tree

Take a turn under the Bodhi Tree at Peace Camp to promote World Peace. During camp there could ALWAYS be someone sitting under the Bodhi tree! Campers of all ages are encouraged to sit.

Sitting for World Peace is our prime directive.

Are you fit to sit?

Our meditation tent is located within camp’s public space. The presence of this opportunity allows us to contemplate us as students and practitioners, how might each one of us might practice meditation, and attain concentration and oneness to serve all beings? Starting with ourselves, we may cultivate inner peace and happiness through the practice of meditation. And through our own peaceful thoughts, words and deeds, we may inspire others to do the same creating an outward spiral that reverberates worldwide. Like the Buddha who sat in meditation committed to his spiritual quest, we sit as a symbol of our commitment to our part in cultivating peace, harmony and happiness for all beings.

Sit with your family, sit with your buds, sit with a stranger, sit just you. Any way you sit, just sit…be there all the while bending your mind towards peace.

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