Be a Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor at Peace Camp is a unique experience. It is an experience in presence, engagement, meditation and reflection. You can’t get this experience anywhere else but Peace Camp. For counselors, camp is an opportunity to cultivate your spiritual center while experiencing and interacting with Zen Buddhist families and clergy in an outdoor, cooperative setting. Unlike some camp settings, youth campers are here with their families, so, Peace Camp counselors have the benefit of significant personal time.

Peace Camp counselors put our youth campers’ health, well-being, and happiness first. Youth campers are at camp with their families, so counselors spend a fraction of their time with our youth. And yet, counselor-camper interaction have a profound, and life-long impact on their lives. Camp counseling is an incredibly dynamic experience that will have a deep impact on your life. Do you like camping? Do you work well with youth? Are you an all-in kind of person?

Read More in our Camp Counselor information sheet for more detail.

Ready to Apply? Complete a Counselor application now.

Jr. Counselors do not complete an application, rather you can email the counselor Bodhi at for inquiries and more information.

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