Is it a vacation? Hmm. No, Peace Camp is a super-fun, meaningful, character-building retreat. Campers are expected to participate in the operation of camp and all age-appropriate camp programming. Programming spans the entire 5-day retreat and includes times when campers are all together as a Sangha, split out into age groups for age-appropriate activities, and alone time for individuals and/or families. Each day includes a quiet time where all campers take a rest and an unstructured block of time for campers to do what they wish. Camp life promotes peace, simplicity, inclusion, mindfulness, cooperation, fun, shared values, caring for our environment, and awareness of the interrelationship of all beings and things.

Every adult at camp should consider themselves a host and not a guest and should help to maintain a safe atmosphere for everyone. All campers should feel safe, and if for any reason they do not, a trusted person should be notified. There are people at camp who will help with problem-solving if the need arises. Morning Coffee Circle is highly encouraged for all adults and is a good forum for bringing up any general camp concerns that need to be addressed.

Camp runs best when everyone contributes and participates. Please try your best to adhere to the scheduled activities and Quiet Times for the benefit of all campers. Be energetic, persevering, and helpful wherever you can, and help others around you to do the same.

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