The Peace Camp Committee is the governing body of Peace Camp. We are tasked with the activities that ensure Peace Camp is run well and delivers the outcomes for which it has been created. As with our regular family program, the Peace Camp Committee leverages our core values to guide ourselves to achieve our shared vision and mission. Each member contributes to all aspects of camp planning and coordination including those they spearhead on this list! Wonderful and Marvelous!


Committee Chair: Hayeon, Kelli Conlin
Arts & Crafts: Woncho, Laura Rowe, Hayeon, Kelli Conlin
Family Program Coordinator: Gagbul, Vanessa Sly Thoburn
Clergy: Haju Sunim, Linda Lundquist, Maum, Gloria Cox, Hayeon, Kelli Conlin
Counselor Coordinator: Kusun, Ztaise Bradley, Tana, Thom Vacca
Nojak-Got-Your-Back: Nojak, Bill Solomonson
On-Site Coordinator: Magamok, Mike Umbriac
Peace Camp Kitchen: Steve Fishman, Theresa Lesperance
Programming: Nojak, Bill Solomonson
Registrar: Maum, Gloria Cox
Website: Theresa Lesperance

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