Peace Camp is an annual, week-long outdoor all-ages Zen Buddhist retreat in the woods.

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Its mission is to develop a sense of peace and happiness in participants through immersion in a Buddhist community organized around the guiding principles of the Five Precepts and the Six Harmonies.

Buddhist Peace Camp cultivates a sense of peace, happiness, and nature awareness among campers of all ages. 

5 Days of Buddhist Bliss

From the last Friday in July through the following Wednesday.

Run by All-of-Us

Many hands make light work. Camp is 100% volunteer-run. Campers of all ages discover how camp becomes a powerful place for personal growth through community engagement.

Family Friendly

Whether you are 0 or 100 years old, Peace Camp has a place for you. All sorts of Individuals join the peace camp experience every year. And family is at the root of Buddhist Peace Camp’s humble beginnings. It is a beautiful place for young families to engage in a meaningful family experience where seeking peace for the many is where it’s at.

1985 – Today

Zen Buddhist Peace Camp began in 1985 as an onsite, 1-day camp on the temple grounds. Its humble beginnings set in motion a beautiful opportunity for families and individuals seeking peace and connection through nature and community. Today, Peace Camp hosts 125+ campers of all ages for 5 days each summer.

Deep gratitude goes out to the Ann Arbor Zen Temple for sponsoring this event and to its Zen Families Program and annual campers for implementing it.

1985-Ann Arbor Zen Buddist Temple

Peace camp is born

19xx- Friend’s Lake

Peace Camp grows to an overnight camp.

20… – Camp Talahi

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